Project groups

TIP’s Project Groups play a crucial role in advancing TIP’s mission, and the overall telecommunications industry by bringing together experts, stakeholders, and companies to collaborate on specific technical and operational challenges, whether in hardware, software or in end-to-end network solutions. Project Groups serve as forums for collective problem-solving and knowledge sharing, identifying focused technology areas within the broader telecom industry in which to drive innovation, standardization, and best practices through the development of use cases, requirements definitions, compliance test plans and criteria, blueprints, software code, technology reports and papers, and similar assets. By fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and developing consensus on critical issues, TIP’s Project Groups contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies, improved network infrastructure, and enhanced industry-wide standards, ultimately propelling the telecom sector forward and ensuring its continued growth and evolution.

The Fixed Broadband Project Group is developing a new generation of open and disaggregated technologies that help operators increase the availability of fast….

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The Metaverse Ready Networks Project Group aims to accelerate the development of solutions and architectures that enhance network efficiency to deliver an engaging and immersive….

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The Neutral Host NaaS Solution Group is a TIP Project Group focused on the needs of mobile, fixed and in-building neutral host operators and dedicated to business model innovation….

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The Non-Terrestrial Connectivity Solutions (NTCS) Project Group’s mission is to foster the emergence of a vendor and open source hardware and software ecosystem that supports emerging….

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The goal of the Open AFC Software Group is to develop a reference open source implementation of an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system that enables….

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Join the OpenLAN Software Group to collaborate with Operators, Infrastructure Providers, Academic Institutions, and Integrators in conceiving new and innovative ways of building….

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The goal of the Open Optical & Packet Transport Project Group is to accelerate innovation in optical and IP networks and ultimately help operators provide better connectivity for communities….

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The OpenRAN Project Group is an initiative to define and build 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G RAN solutions based on general-purpose vendor-neutral hardware, open interfaces and software….

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Graduated and Merged Project Groups

TIP Project Groups are fast-moving incubators of ideas and technology. When they naturally reach the end of their original charters, the Project Groups conclude but their contribution to the TIP community remains.

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Here are TIP’s graduated Project Groups:

5G Private Networks

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Connected City Infrastructure (Merged into Neutral-Host Naas)


Edge Application Developer

Edge Computing

End-to-End Network Slicing

mmWave Networks

Open Cellular

Open Automation

Open Core Network

People and Process

Power and Connectivity

Solutions Integration

System Integration & Site Optimization

Test & Integration

Total Site Solution

vRAN Fronthaul

Wi-Fi (Merged into OpenLAN)

Wireless Backhaul