Project groups

TIP currently has 3 categories of project groups: Product project groups, Solution project groups, and Software project groups. Learn more about project groups below.

Product project groups

Our Product project groups (aka Product Groups) are divided into three strategic networks areas that collectively make up an end-to-end network: Access, Transport, and Core and Services. By dividing a network into these areas, we can best identify areas in need of innovation and work to build the right products. Product project groups are product oriented and focus on the development of requirements documents, MVP’s, White Papers, and Lab and Field Trial results.

Access project groups

The Access project groups are working to identify and create innovative infrastructure solutions, technologies, and methodologies to make it easier to connect people to the internet. Access is focused on removing some of the blockers that can make the connection to the end user difficult.

Fixed Broadband


Transport projects

To keep the pace of exponential growth in network traffic, better backhaul is essential. Our transport project groups are addressing the scalability, fast convergence, ease of configuration, and extensibility challenges in wireless and wired backhaul.

Non-Terrestrial Connectivity Solutions

Open Optical & Packet Transport

Core & services projects

The most significant costs associated with a network are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. The core and services project groups are simplifying the core network architecture and improving efficiency and flexibility while reducing ongoing costs associated with keeping a network up and running.

Solution project groups


Our Solution project groups (aka Solution Groups) aim to codify open, disaggregated, interoperable network elements, including TIP-incubated technology across all network layers, into a broad range of end-to-end solutions for specific deployment cases that can be used by operators and other connectivity stakeholders.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Software project groups


Our Software project groups (aka Software Groups) aim to develop open source software that supports open, disaggregated, interoperable network elements, including support for both TIP-incubated technology across all network layers and open and disaggregated technology to support connectivity. Our Software groups are open to a broad community and will liaise with TIP Project groups and TIP Lab activities. TIP’s Software groups facilitate collaboration, innovation, and agility. Software groups may also develop their own badging criteria for TIP community members to post products on TIP Exchange.


Open AFC

Open Converged Wireless

Graduated project groups


TIP Project Groups are fast-moving incubators of ideas and technology. When they naturally reach the end of their original charters, the Project Groups conclude but their contribution to the TIP community remains.


Here are TIP’s graduated Project Groups:

5G Private Networks

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Connected City Infrastructure


Edge Application Developer

Edge Computing

mmWave Networks

Open Cellular

Open Automation

Open Core Network

People and Process

Power and Connectivity

Solutions Integration

System Integration & Site Optimization

Test & Integration

Total Site Solution

vRAN Fronthaul


Wireless Backhaul