Co-chaired by Andrew Dunkin


Co-chaired by Adnan Boustany



This project group’s main objective is the development of fully programmable RAN solutions based on General Purpose Processing Platforms (GPPP) and disaggregated software so they can benefit from the flexibility and faster pace of innovation capable with software-driven development.

To achieve this, the project will help enable an open ecosystem of complete solutions and solution components that take advantage of the latest capabilities of GPPPs, both at a software level and also using programmable offload mechanisms such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).

The project will complement existing TIP projects and will focus on disaggregation of virtualized RAN solutions into different components and ensuring each individual component can be efficiently deployed on GPP platforms.

Project group deliverables include:

  • Reference framework/architecture for implementation of eNB stack on GPPPs
  • Reference (and optimized) implementation of the basic building blocks and algorithms, both as
    software libraries and FPGA RTL
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer, including APIs, to abstract from application vendors the underlying
    hardware platform capabilities
  • Defined KPIs and traffic model as part of the reference implementation
  • Orchestration framework to manage and provide operational capabilities
  • Carrier-grade lab proof-of- concept of multi-vendor open solutions
  • Field trials to commercial, championed by at least one Comms Service Provider, for at least one of the
    use cases – high density locations in indoor environments, rural broadband connectivity, and multi-
    operator/neutral host. TIP Lab trials within 6 months and field trials within 12 months of accepted use case.
  • Benchmark report and TCO analysis with performance metrics for various types of configurations
  • Recommendation for minimum set of platform requirements (both HW and OS Layers)

PATENT LICENSING: RAND as set forth in Section 5.2.1 of the Telecom Infra Project IPR Policy.