The Metaverse Ready Networks Project Group is the focal point of TIP’s activities to enable metaverse-ready networks.

For connectivity and technology service providers, as well as the broader industry, the metaverse will create opportunities to deliver new experiences spanning all sectors including education, healthcare, remote work, and more. As these use cases begin to emerge, network performance and functionality needs to evolve. As they evolve over the next decade, future immersive services will require more network capabilities to support greater agility, programmability, performance and reliability.

The Project Group is an engineering-focused effort led by major operators, technology vendors and research institutions. Working in close collaboration, we align on industry-wide network capabilities and mechanisms required to access end-to-end (E2E) network capabilities supporting immersive applications at scale, as well as define, develop and select use cases, technical requirements, technologies developing new solutions and architectures to deliver immersive experiences efficiently.


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    Rashan Jibowu
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    Alexandre Harmand
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    Durga Satapathy
    T-Mobile US
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    Fabio Paolo Panunzi Capuano
    TI Sparkle
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    Ricardo Villarreal
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    Barry Elia

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