Join the OpenLAN Software Group to collaborate with Operators, Infrastructure Providers, Academic Institutions, and Integrators in conceiving new and innovative ways of building, testing, and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

Who We Are

The OpenLAN software project group is developing a converged connectivity solution for Wi-Fi, SmallCells & PoE Switching, working on definition, design, development and testing of an open source system that includes white-box hardware, embedded software with enterprise/carrier features, a cloud native controller.

Group activities include

  • Defining and contributing requirements, design artifacts, architectures, APIs, data models, and workflows
  • Source code to support the design, development and testing
  • Reusing of existing industry standards and available components as appropriate to support the requirements
  • Developing, prototyping, building, and testing software and hardware systems
  • Validating systems through direct engagement, lab and field trials hosted in TIP Community Labs and TIP approved labs (Service Provider, OEMs, ODMs, etc.)
  • Supporting a TIP developed software / hardware platform ecosystem


The OpenLAN Software Group will engage and collaborate with any TIP Project Group as appropriate. A key driver of this collaboration will be the public availability of the software, test automation and system validation code and documentation artifacts contributed to the OpenLAN Software Group.

An industry movement for unlocking wireless infrastructure innovation

The software and test automation development is performed on deployable hardware, managed and delivered in accordance with industry standard, open source practices including defined roadmap, feature backlog, and defined delivery sprints. The project is fully tooled up for productive collaboration and code quality using industry leading tools and applications: a GitHub repository, Atlassian Jira, WiKi, Build automation, Slack communication and other tools.

Members of the group gain access to a suite of community collaboration tools, providing complete visibility and opportunity to engage early with the community as the system evolves (product development, roadmap backlog, sprint planning, chat, CI/CD pipeline artifacts & automated E2E nightly test reports).

The group hosts weekly development standup meetings, bi-weekly program status meetings and work on a monthly sprint release cycle.


TIP OpenWiFi is the first project developed and contributed by the OpenLAN community. OpenWiFi is a community-developed, disaggregated Wi-Fi software system, offered as free open-source software, that includes both a cloud controller SDK and an Enterprise-grade Access Point (AP) firmware, designed and validated to work seamlessly together.

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OpenLAN Switching is building on the foundation of OpenWiFi to expand the project to provide a unified solution for LAN switches that has all the same attributes as OpenWiFi (open-source, multi-vendor, interoperable whitebox, hardened and validated E2E systems).

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