Behind every great OpenWiFi AP, you need a great PoE LAN switch!

OpenLAN Switching is building on the foundation of OpenWiFi to expand the project to provide a unified solution for LAN switches that has all the same attributes as OpenWiFi (open-source, multi-vendor, interoperable whitebox, hardened and validated E2E systems)

OpenLAN Switching was specifically created to address these key requirements:

  • Support Wi-Fi 6E/7 and 6 Ghz AP’s that require new level of power to operate (PoE++)
  • Provide a common solution to WiFi & switching with a unified controller
  • Future proofing network for immersive applications (extreme low latency, high bandwidth)

Although whitebox and open source NOS’s have been pervasive in data center and other areas of the industry before, the wiring closet LAN switches used in the wider business market have remained unchanged. OLS is working to create a stack that will work for millions of commercial buildings across a wide range of verticals (education, retail, hospitality, etc.) and address their unique needs.

OLS is working to introduce two classes of switches:

  • Base – entry level price & feature set (based on silicon vendor provided NOS/SDK)
  • Advance – fully featured, cost optimized (based on SONiC NOS)

Key work areas for OLS

Solution – Bring key OpenWiFi attributes to LAN switching:

  • Validated E2E solution, hardened system
  • Open interfaces & open-source SW, community development
  • Secure ZTP over public internet

Hardware – produce a diverse cost-effective lineup of Whitebox wiring closet switches

  • Choice of ODM’s
  • Choice of silicon
  • Lineup of designs (8/16/24/48 ports)

Software – uCentral client

  • Platform abstraction
    • Support Base switches by integration with SoC vendor SDK
    • Support Advance switches by integration with SONiC open O&M interface
  • Integrated with TIP PKI infrastructure

Software – creation of an integrated switch image (based on SONiC)

  • Customization of SONiC for a wiring closet NOS:
    • Provide specific wireless, L2 & L3 feature set needed for access/aggregation switches
    • (802.1x, PoE manageability, IP fabrics for scale out, ZTP over public internet, cloud manageability, hardened to handle non-stable nature of devices in un-manned sites, etc.)
    • Optimized for smaller footprint, run on lower cost hardware (vs today’s whiteboxes)

Cloud Controller SDK:

  • Unified controller to manage a diverse set of devices using the same protocol (uCentral)
  • Integrated configuration provisioning, telemetry, events, alarms, SW upgrade and operations for all device types

OpenLAN Switching furthers OpenWiFi’s mission to create a rich open ecosystem of interoperable solutions including Wi-Fi access points (APs), ethernet switches (OpenLAN Switching) and cloud native controllers (CloudSDK). OpenWiFi’s open and disaggregated ecosystem will accelerate innovation, provide greater choice, eliminate vendor lock-in, reduce barriers to entry, and improve industry collaboration.

Summary: OLS combined with OpenWiFi will enable a fully open, fully integrated wired and wireless LAN solution, we encourage your participation in the ecosystem, please come join our group.

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OpenLAN Switching is managed within TIP’s OpenLAN project group, which enables industry collaboration to build, test and validate products that deliver the requirements of valuable Service Providers’ use cases. The OpenWiFi community currently includes more than 100 participants, including Services Providers, OEM’s, ODM’s, Software ISV’s, System Integrators, Silicon Vendors & Industry Organizations.
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