The TelcoAI Project Group’s overall goal is to enable operators to make use of AI faster and at scale.

TelcoAI will focus on different options implementing AI in telecommunications networks. This includes the use of edge, regional, and centralized data centers in operator infrastructure for AI, as well as the use of public cloud options where applicable.

The PG will prioritize operators’ use cases, and develop technical requirements and architecture blueprints to enable deployment and operation of AI telecom networks. The PG will also suggest appropriate data collection, retention, and data governance guidelines for network data to be used by individual AI use cases.


Numerous Consumer, B2B and internal services can be enabled or transformed by AI *

TIP_2024_Graphic_TelcoAI-IndustriesTransformedAI * Example distributed AI use cases, source: Deutsche Telekom


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    Andreas Gladisch
    Deutsche Telekom
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    Elad Blatt
    Development Telco Networking, NVIDIA
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    Chief Technology Officer

    Olli Andersson
    Telecom Infra Project
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    Project Group Community Coordinator

    Alex D'Angelo
    Telecom Infra Project

Complementing Other Industry Initiatives

The TelcoAI Project Group will leverage and add value on top of other AI initiatives with the Group’s practical deployment focus to Telecoms. The Project Group will work with the AI industry through collaborative liaison agreements.




This purpose of the Use Cases & QoS Requirement MRN subgroup is to identify and select use cases and establish industry aligned QoS requirements on end-to-end connectivity to deliver targeted QoE.




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