Artificial Intelligence and Applied Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Project Group (AI/ML) will focus on the application of machine-based decisioning and auto-remediation to help carriers keep pace with the growth in network size, traffic volume and service complexity, as well as define new approaches to network operations and customer assurance to support the accelerated deployment of new over-the-top services, autonomous vehicles, drones, AR/VR and more.

Group Structure


Wolfgang Wölker

Deutsche Telekom


Angela Shen-Hsieh


The group will define and share reusable, proven practices, recipes, models and technical requirements for applying AI and machine learning to reduce the cost to plan and operate telecommunications networks.

The project group is collaborating across three work streams:

  • ML-based network operations, optimization and planning to enhance intelligence in network operations areas through, for example, predictive maintenance and dynamic resource allocation
  • Customer behavior-driven service optimization to enhance the overall customer experience, particularly for bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive and/or data-heavy applications
  • Multi-Vendor ML-AI Data Exchange Formats to ensure the development of generalized ML models that are applicable across the industry.

PATENT LICENSING: RAND as set forth in Section 5.2.1 of the Telecom Infra Project IPR Policy.

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