Power and Connectivity

Universal connectivity and universal electrification are interdependent: Without electricity infrastructure, it’s very difficult to deliver or use the internet. Without connectivity, existing solutions won’t be able to reach the last 1B+ people who don’t have electricity. This Working Group is dedicated to fostering collaboration and interoperability among organizations building connectivity and electricity infrastructure.

Group Structure


Cesar Hernandez Perez



Jamie Yang


Power and Connectivity will initially focus on enabling network operators to deploy connectivity in areas that do not have electricity. The group will build on the efforts of its founding members to develop power systems (HW+SW) that reduce the operations and deployment expenses of remote connectivity infrastructure. Network operators and power companies will work together to pilot new systems and business models, share results and agree on interoperability standards.

The Power and Connectivity Working Group will also provide an ecosystem in which connectivity and electricity providers can collaborate to pilot and scale innovative technology and business models.

Founding members include Telefonica, Airtel, Vodafone, Orange, MTN, Delta Electronics, Bel Power, Panasonic, Clear Blue Technologies, and Facebook

PATENT LICENSING: RAND License Option, as set forth in Section 5.2.1 of the Telecom Infra Project IPR Policy.

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