Who We Are

The Neutral Host NaaS Solution Group is a TIP Project Group focused on the needs of mobile, fixed and in-building neutral host operators and dedicated to business model innovation and catalyzing trials and deployments worldwide.

The Neutral Host NaaS Solution Group was established in 2020 to provide a forum to promote collaborative discovery and discussion within the wide-ranging ecosystem.

What is a Neutral Host NaaS?

A Neutral Host Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a business model and ultimately an operating entity comprising 3rd party neutral hosts that build, own, and operate dedicated wholesale networks utilized by service providers through commercial agreements.

NaaSCos operate in the mobile, fixed and in-building segments and leverage network sharing economics to extend deployments in urban, rural or indoor settings while enabling service-based competition.

What is Our Vision

Our vision is to become the platform to catalyze Neutral Host NaaS business model deployments world-wide. Collaborating with our wide-ranging stakeholders we focus on business model innovation and NaaSCo formation. Our stakeholders and collaborators include existing and future NaaSCos, Communication Service Providers, Policy Makers (Government & Regulators), Investors, Infra Partners (Utilities, Cities), OEMs and System Integrators.

We envision a global collaboration hub for the Neutral Host NaaS ecosystem to stimulate business model innovation and trials, information sharing, and problem management ranging from network architecture shortcomings to regulatory reform to revenue model and cost structures.

What is Our Structure

The structure of the Neutral Host NaaS Solution Group includes a steering committee comprised of Co-Chairs as well as segment leads to provide specialized attention to each of the Neutral Host NaaS subgroups. As our Solution Group further expands, subgroups are envisioned in the areas of systems and technology, investors and policymakers.

Come Join Us

It is an exciting time for business model innovation and deployment in the Neutral Host NaaS arena. Trailblazers have set the pace with creative business and technology solutions. Policy makers and the investment community are active, involved and committed to Neutral Host NaaS initiatives.

We invite you to be a part of the next generation of leaders in the Neutral-Host NaaS community.

Group leadership

  • alessandro-defilippi-elias


    Alessandro Defilippi
    CTO of IPT (Internet para Todos)
  • Hugo-Nava


    Hugo A. Nava G.
    Open Networks CoE Partner, NTTDATA


What’s New?

Case Studies

  • Expanding Mobile Networks Deep into Africa

    Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) offers through a Network as a Service (NaaS) business model, an efficient, affordable way for Africa’s tier-1 mobile operators to expand their rural coverage with no capital investments. Currently operating 2,450 sites in 12 countries, AMN plans to reach 3,500 sites by the end of 2022.

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  • An Innovative Neutral-host NaaS Solution Offers Seamless Connectivity for Urban Rail Travelers

    CloudExtel deployed a neutral-host NaaS solution on the Mumbai Central Railway Station. After a successful four-month trial in 2022 with 10x improvement in peak download speeds, the project will add eight more Mumbai stations, delivering a better experience to hundreds of thousands of commuters daily.

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  • IpT Brings Mobile Internet to Rural Peru

    Internet Para Todos (IpT) is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in Peru. So far, IpT’s wholesale cellular network is serving 3.4 million users in Peru, with no capital investments needed from mobile operators.

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  • Connecting Rural Communities with Local Support

    Even with the right infrastructure in place, many communities in sub-Saharan Africa still experience barriers to mobile internet adoption. Six trial villages in ultra-rural Zambia experienced more than a 300% increase in mobile internet usage after activating DAs to support internet adoption in their communities.

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White Papers

  • smart-off-grid-cover

    Smart-Off Grid Power for Rural Connectivity

    This white paper outlines the purpose, plan and results of a field trial that evaluated the value of Smart Off-Grid as the power solution to confirm how it can make rural telecom more viable. The field trial was launched by Meta Research in collaboration with Mayu Telecomunicaciones and Aviat Networks and supported by Clear Blue Technologies.

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  • building-ecosystem-wp-thumb

    Building an Ecosystem for Neutral-Host NaaS

    This whitepaper introduces the main aspects of the neutral-host NaaS business model, including the drivers, solutions, technologies, ecosystem stakeholders, and commercial models. In addition,  four case studies are presented along with the mission and objectives of the TIP Neutral-Host NaaS Solution Group.

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  • naas-gw-tr-thumb

    NaaS Gateway Technical Requirements

    This document defines the technical requirements for a NaaS Gateway (NaaSGW) that supports the aggregation of RAN elements to provide a single integration point to MNO core networks through standard interfaces. Requirements address the Main Functions, Interfaces, Hardware Specifications, and Security for the NaaSGW.

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  • oss-automation-tr-thumb

    OSS Automation Functional Requirements

    This document defines the functional requirements for OSS Automation. The OSS Automation platform is intended to enable NaaSCos to deploy an efficient and scalable OSS architecture that easily and safely integrates to the different networks and network slices (NS) to simplify operation, while enabling clean integration with VNOs to simplify the operational processes between the two organizations.

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  • moran-testing-wp-thumb

    Multi-Operator Radio Access Network (MORAN) Testing for NaaS (Network as a Service) Environments

    This white paper presents a vendor-agnostic approach for testing and deploying Multi-Operator Radio Access Network (MORAN) solutions in rural and urban Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) environments. For the purposes of this paper, NaaS is defined as an open access network where a neutral host (NaaSCo) operates a shared Radio Access Network (RAN) that is connected to multiple Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Core Networks.

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  • long-houl-8ghz-thumb

    Long-Haul, High-Capacity 8GHz Terrestrial Microwave Radio Link In-Field Availability Assessment

    This white paper presents the design and deployment methodologies that were employed in long haul (~50km), high capacity (~1.3 Gbps), high availability (>99.99%), carrier-grade wireless microwave links deployed for mobile site backhaul in Peru, using commercially available equipment and standard design software.

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  • naas-economics-thumb

    NaaS Site Economics

    This whitepaper describes the intricacies and challenges of building a profitable site for ultra-rural and rural areas and how Network as a Service (NaaS) can be an answer to many such challenges. Managing the overall TCO and planning an economically viable solution must be carefully vetted since low population densities and lack of existing infrastructure makes the task of Network Design and Deployment even more complex.

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  • naas-data-analysis-wp-thumb

    NaaS Data Analysis, Business and Operational Efficiency Methodology

    This whitepaper describes a practical methodology to help mobile operators collect, process, and extract valuable information by mining statistical data from the RAN and Transport and management network. Understanding this data will allow service providers to accelerate the integration of new network access technologies and, at the same time ensure high levels of quality of experience (QoE) and optimal TCO of Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings implemented with Site/RAN sharing technologies.

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  • qos-rec-thumb

    End-to-End Quality of Service Recommendations for Mobile Networks

    This document includes the main components of an End-to-End Quality of Service (QoS) schema that can be used to validate and troubleshoot a mobile network. End-to-End QoS schemas applicable to mobile networks include multiple packet-based technologies from RAN, Mobile Backhaul, Packet Core Networks, Ethernet to IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Each network provides different alternatives to differentiate traffic and give different treatments to the traffic depending on the network conditions.

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  • nlos-wp-cover

    Diffractive NLOS Microwave Backhaul for Rural Connectivity

    The NLOS Microwave Backhaul for Rural Connectivity white paper demonstrates the inclusion of NLOS microwave (wireless) backhaul in rural network design to significantly improve cost and coverage.

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  • deployment-playbook-thumb

    NaaS Planning and Architecture Playbook

    The NaaS Playbook is the vehicle to serve as the planning and implementation guide for RST NaaS initiatives. It consists of front-end and back-end streams comprised of modules, atomic units built around specific objectives and select content and complemented by methods to encourage engagement relevancy. The goal of the NaaS playbook is to aid operators in the planning, deployment and operation in the rural environment.

    Read the playbook
  • Neutral-Host NaaS Global Tracker

    The Neutral-Host NaaS Global Tracker captures a comprehensive dataset of NaaS deployments and company profiles through a data visualization tool that allows stakeholders to analyze fixed and mobile Neutral-Host NaaS initiatives worldwide, enabling them to:

    • Evaluate penetration, growth, and regional trends for the Neutral-Host NaaS model
    • Identify success factors, risks and lessons learned from NaaSCo profiles
    • Assess the potential to engage in Neutral-Host NaaS deployments

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