Test & Integration

Formerly known as PlugFest, the purpose of the Test & Integration (T&I) Project Group is to test TIP-incubated technologies that have been developed in the Project Groups (PG) in end-to-end environments to evaluate a product’s maturity toward commercial readiness. T&I collaborates with PGs on the development of test materials, test plans, or other documents that support phased evaluation of TIP technologies toward product maturity. Effectively, the T&I Project Group will quantify the readiness of TIP-incubated technologies for integration into operator networks.

Goals of Test & Integration

  • Review and define test cases, test architecture and requirements within test suite for technologies coming from TIP PGs in an end-to-end architecture.
  • Ensure consistency of test material, blueprint, and badge criteria across PGs, under the directive of the TVC.
  • Identify and document settings used during test and integration projects and/or events to accelerate deployment of TIP technologies in the field.
  • Coordinate the testing of TIP-Solutions in TIP community labs, or other TIP-authorized labs, collate and release test-related Deliverables as defined below either independently or in conjunction with other Project Groups.

Group leadership


Christophe Chevallier



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