Test & Integration

Formerly known as PlugFest, the purpose of the Test & Integration (T&I) Project Group is to test TIP-incubated technologies that have been developed in the Project Groups (PGs) in end-to-end environments to evaluate a product’s maturity toward commercial readiness. T&I collaborates with PGs on the development of test materials, test plans, or other documents that support phased validation of TIP technologies toward product maturity. The T&I Project Group will evaluate the readiness of TIP-incubated technologies for integration into Service Provider networks.


Project Charter

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Project Group Deliverables

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Goals of Test & Integration

  • Review and define test cases, test architecture and requirements within a test suite for technologies coming from TIP PGs in an end-to-end architecture.
  • Ensure consistency of test material, blueprint, and badge criteria across PGs, under the directive of the TVC.
  • Identify and document settings used during test and integration projects and/or events to accelerate deployment of TIP technologies in the field.
  • Coordinate the testing of TIP Solutions in TIP community labs or other TIP-authorized labs, collate and release test-related Deliverables as defined below either independently or in conjunction with other Project Groups.

Group leadership


Eng Wei Koo


TIP Blueprint

TIP Blueprints are characterized by a reference design that has been tested in a TIP Community or Authorized Lab. Blueprints are supplemented by documentation that support the deployment of the Blueprint in the field. Blueprints contain a collection of documents: a reference design, use case and associated requirements, an architecture schematic illustrating the main components and interfaces, as well as list of the components tested. In addition, for traceability and enabling variants of the Blueprint, an associated test plan ensures that it fulfills the stated requirements is also included. Some Blueprints may also include a playbook or deployment configurations that further facilitate deployment.

The Blueprint serves as a set of “guidelines” for Service Providers. With the support of a System Integrator, the Service Provider can utilize the Blueprint to confidently deploy products or solutions in the field.

Product Blueprint

  • Initial drafts of the Blueprint are created in the Project Group
  • Each component should have a supplier validation badge level (or higher)
  • OpenRAN Project Group reference architecture is an example of a Product Blueprint

Solutions Blueprint

  • Each product within a solution should be at Product badge (aka CL badge) level (or higher)
  • TSS Rural Site Configuration is an example of an end-to-end Blueprint (RAN + Power Controller + vSAT Modem tested against a given core network)

Project Group Deliverables

With the exception of Test Plans (only available to Full Participants), all documents below are available to the public. To access more Project Group test materials, and other support documents sign up now or ask your organization TIP administrator to increase your organization’s participation tier.

DCSG Continuous Transport PlugFest - 2019 - 2021
O-RAN/TIP Joint European PlugFest- 2020 S1 Interoperability PlugFest - 2019
Mobile Data Offload
Mobile Data Offload (MDO) PlugFest - 2020