Radio Access Network (RAN)

TIP’s Radio Access Network (RAN) initiatives are accelerating the path to commercial deployments of simplified, flexible, and efficient RAN technologies.

TIP’s RAN work

TIP is working to improve the efficiency and flexibility of RAN infrastructure, capitalizing on the benefits of software-based designs and open architectures. Although the various TIP Project Groups are independent, their work is complementary. Each project group is focused on a specific use case for improving and evolving RAN equipment to be more flexible and agile, with the shared goal to improve the overall efficiency in deploying, operating, and maintaining RAN infrastructure.

Why is RAN so important? RAN equipment serves as the connection point between internet-connected devices and the rest of an operator’s core communications network. This critical infrastructure represents a significant portion of overall network CapEx and OpEx. RAN processing is intensive, real-time, and complex; and the demands on RAN equipment are rising exponentially due to the rapid global growth of Internet-connected devices and new use cases.

RAN project groups

OpenRAN is an initiative to define and build 2G, 3G and 4G RAN solutions based on a general-purpose vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology.

Devang Solanky, Vodafone
Adnan Boustany, Intel

vRAN Fronthaul is developing and validating solutions to enable virtualized RAN deployments where fiber is unavailable or unaffordable.

Richard MacKenzie, BT
Amy Lu, Vodafone

OpenCellular is a publicly available RAN solution tailored for rural connectivity.

Dr Kashif Ali, Facebook

OpenRAN 5G NR Base Station is collaborating to define a whitebox platform for an 5G NR access point that is easy to configure and deploy.

Vanesa Fernandez, Vodafone
Durga Satapathy, Sprint

Vodafone Vodafone

CrowdCell is developing LTE relay architectures to extend indoor coverage with reduced CAPEX and OPEX investment.

Aitor Garcia, Vodafone


Our RAN work is led by our Technical Committee “Radio Solutions” Area Director:
Renuka Bhalerao, Facebook

Highlighted technologies


vRAN Fronthaul




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5GNR Project Group Kickoff at MWC 2019

Radio Access Networks Session at MWC 2019


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TIP Regional Summits ’19

The TIP Regional Summits '19 series will kick off with TIP LatAm ’19 in São Paulo, followed by a TIP workshop at 5G World in London, and ends at our final workshop in Singapore as part of CommunicAsia.

February 25 - 28, 2019 Europe

MWC 2019

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