by TIP News

TIP’s OOPT MUST Subgroup is pleased to announce that Infinera’s Open Wave Manager v2.0 has been awarded with the TIP MUST Optical SDN Controller Southbound Interface Bronze Badge, making it the first TIP Requirements Compliant product of its kind
The MUST subgroup of TIP’s Open Optical Packet Transport project group looks at Mandatory Use Case Requirements for SDN for Transport. MUST Optical/O-OLS SDN Controller SBI requirements were released in Q3 last year and multiple suppliers’ have been presenting their solutions and products to MUST SG for evaluation. After completing the last evaluation window, the first product meeting the defined allocation criteria for the TIP’s Bronze Badge is now publicly announced. The next evaluation window will open towards the end of 2023, and TIP will communicate a specific date in due course.

This milestone is an important one for TIP MUST operators, currently led by Telefónica, Vodafone, Telia Company, MTN, Deutsche Telekom and Orange, since it completes the requirements adoption phase. There is now at least one product awarded with the Bronze Badge in all the different product technical requirements defined so far and available in the market for the realization of Open Optical Disaggregated Networks as defined in the technical whitepaper TIP OOPT MUST target architecture for Disaggregated Open Optical Networks.