by TIP News

TIP was founded in 2016 with the intention of improving global connectivity as well as choices. The choices here include vendors, solution providers, technologies and so much more. In the beginning it was a small group of services providers and other companies and organizations. With the creation of O-RAN alliance and other incumbent vendors committing to creating open and interoperable solutions, the choices have expanded significantly.

At this point to reflect these choices, TIP Academy was launched in May 2022 to guide the individuals to a correct understanding of various organizations, terminology, architecture and the open networks in general. 

In October 2022, TIP announced that the TIP Academy Open RAN programme had commercially launched eight learning programmes, containing 45 courses. This equated to almost 35 hours of learning. The courses take e-learners through the end-to-end fundamentals of financially evaluating, architecting, planning & designing, and, testing & deploying Open RAN systems.

At Fyuz 2022, Kristian Toivo, Executive Director of TIP announced that new curriculum on Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) will be starting soon. It will tap into the learnings from the global TIP community, which in the past three years has seen 100,000+ disaggregated cell site gateways (DCSG) commercially deployed and 45+ operator trials and deployments conducted worldwide.

You can also watch a video from Fyuz 2022 featuring Kristian Toivo along with Yago Tenorio, TIP Chairman & Fellow and Network Architecture Director at Vodafone and, Jefferson Wang, Senior Managing Director of Cloud First Networks and 5G Lead at Accenture. In this video Kristian Toivo explains the role of the TIP Academy and how it is positioned within the TIP portfolio. In addition Yago Tenorio and Jefferson Wang explain why they are investing in the academy and discuss the main industry challenges being addressed.

In another short video recorded at Fyuz 2022, Vishal Mathur, Global Head of Engagement at TIP elaborated on the purpose of TIP Academy and how it intends to fill the learning gap in the market with completely vendor neutral offering. You can watch the video below:

While the initial TIP Academy offering was targeted more at the corporate clients, it now offers courses to individuals interested in upskilling themselves as well as contributing to the Open Networks and Community. 

A free course with no commitment is available for anyone interested to provide an understanding of the basics of Open RAN and the training platform. To learn more, visit