White paper

Open, disaggregated networks will transform MNOs’ 5G business cases

May 28, 2020

MNOs recognize that very different network architecture will be required to deliver the ambitious targets that they have for 5G. Analysys Mason conducted a survey of 60 mobile operators (including Tier-1 and 2 MNOs and new entrants) and found that almost one third of MNOs are aiming to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 20% or more within just 3 years of deploying a new network. The ability to flexibly support a wide range of new services is even more important for smaller or new mobile network deployers because it enables them to differentiate themselves from their larger rivals.
This new approach to mobile economics relies on deploying the network entirely in the cloud (to achieve the same economics as webscale companies) and on ensuring that these networks are based on open standards, which will support multi-vendor implementations along with an increase in competition and innovation.

This white paper outlines three ways in which operators and network equipment vendors must work together to achieve this open, multi-vendor, cloud-based network and details the related benefits (economies of scale, flexibility and cost-effectiveness).