by TIP News
The TIP Board of Directors recent approval of the Neutral Host & Infra Sharing Project Group’s (Neutral Host PG) charter has paved the way for an ambitious set of initiatives for 2024.

The Neutral Host PG will focus on extending the neutral host business model to in-building systems (IBS), urban densification and shared active and passive infrastructure ecosystems and technology verticals.

Creation of TIP’s Neutral Host PG is the result of extensive discussions with Neutral Host Operators, TowerCos and other ecosystem thought leaders worldwide, who universally cite the need for greater industry coordination to address key challenges and to harvest the enormous economic benefits inherent in shared infra at the heart of the neutral host business model.

In addition, the Board of Directors approved the appointment of four industry leaders as Co-Chairs: Brendan O’Reilly, Group Chief Operating Officer of Boldyn Networks; Kunal Bajaj, CEO of CloudExtel; Daniel Herb, Chief Product Officer of Dense Air; and Shirish Nagaraj, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Wireless.


Brendan O’Reilly: “The advancement of the Neutral Host business model has great potential to benefit our ecosystem with more efficient, less costly, and sustainable advanced infrastructure for the long term. This includes Mobile Network Operator partners (MNOs), cities and municipalities, enterprises, and ultimately consumers who will all be positively impacted. I am excited to take a leadership position in this PG.”

Kunal Bajaj: “CloudExtel believes in active neutral host sharing and the benefits it offers to the mobile operators. Along with TIP we are eager to address the challenges and explore the opportunities in high-capacity environments like Airports, Railways, shopping malls.

We are confident that this collaboration with our Neutral Host stakeholders will see this business model take root and flourish in India and beyond.”

Daniel Herb: “As a Chief Product Officer in this segment, I have twin objectives – building the neutral host category while making sure we’ve achieved product/market fit for Dense Air’s platform. I am convinced that collaboration with our worldwide community is the best accelerator to meet these twin objectives.”

Shirish Nagaraj: “As a Chief Technology Officer for a leader in In-Building Solutions, it is paramount that our product architectures and roadmaps stay abreast of technology developments and stay aligned with vertical segments. This PG will ensure products meet vertical segment requirements. I am also excited to tap into and collaborate with the other TIP Project Groups, such as Open RAN, to maximize the impact of our work.”

The organization of the Neutral Host & Infra Sharing PG is depicted below. For more information, contact TIP Membership. We welcome and encourage ecosystem players to join our PG and contribute to its success.

As the Neutral Host & Infra Sharing Project Group kick starts its 2024 work plan and activities stay tuned to future announcements and postings!