Enabling diverse voices
to drive innovation

The TIP Diversity Committee was launched to focus on enabling a broad range of voices to drive telecom innovation. The group seeks to highlight the business value of diversity in its many forms – from diverse representation in the workplace, to diversity of supply chain, non-traditional funding options, and more.

TIP has already demonstrated the value of a collaborative approach to solving hard problems and driving change. That same collaborative spirit is the momentum the committee is leveraging to build a stronger connectivity ecosystem by enabling diverse voices to propel innovation and connect people. This committee is tapping into the talents, vision, and insights of multiple telecom companies and industry experts to move the needle on diversity in the telecom space.

Our vision for Diversity in Connectivity is to build a stronger connectivity ecosystem by challenging the status quo and enabling diverse voices to drive innovation.

The committee has members representing TIP Participants from Intel, Meta, Mavenir, American Tower, Rakuten, Tech Mahindra, Dell and more. This is a diverse group with a rich background of experience and skills that will enable us to quickly build momentum and impact.

If your company believes in the power of diversity, we encourage you to join the committee and collaborate with us! For more information on how to join, reach out to allyspierling@fb.com.


The Value of Diversity: Driving Telecom Innovation Together