The Economic Impact of Open and Disaggregated Technologies and the Role of TIP in India

Jul 22, 2021 | Industry Analyst Coverage

21 July 2021

In India, mobile operators have been actively exploring the use of open and disaggregated technologies in their networks, and have also started to develop in-house solutions that can be exported globally (if and when proven) and scale beyond India to the world. The government of India is also taking steps to strengthen local manufacturing capabilities. This involves incentivising large global players to set up production facilities in India. More importantly in the context of open and disaggregated network technology, the government’s efforts also include supporting homegrown companies to develop solutions that could meet local demand for network equipment and software for years to come, while also exploiting opportunities in the global export market. The supply chain ecosystem in India, made up of original design manufacturers (ODMs), vendors and systems integrators, is also responding to growing demand and government-backed initiatives by developing new disaggregated solutions spanning various network parts and by continuing to foster relationships with international customers to capitalise on emerging export opportunities.

India is expected to be at the forefront of open and disaggregated technology adoption and production in years to come due to the amount of activity driven by its operators, the government and supply chain participants in developing open and disaggregated technologies. For Open RAN alone, Analysys Mason estimates that the incremental GDP impact in India could reach USD18 billion per annum in 2030 (USD58 billion cumulatively from 2021–30), driven by enhancements to mobile internet penetration and data usage. Modelling suggests that these impacts could more than double over the period from 2021–30, should industry facilitation initiatives driven by operators, the government, as well as organisations such as TIP be as successful as envisaged by many of the stakeholders driving Open RAN in India today.

* This report follows Analysys Mason’s global study, published in May 2021, looking specifically at developments related to open and disaggregated technologies in India.