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Project Groups

The project groups were created to support three strategic network areas: Access, Backhaul and Core & Management

Within each area, the initial set of project groups will address some of the most pressing industry needs including connecting the unconnected or underserved populations, and augmenting the development of powerful new technologies like 5G that will pave the way for better connectivity and richer services.

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Edge Computing

The Working Group is focused on enabling carriers to more efficiently deliver new services and applications by using mobile edge computing (MEC) to turn the RAN network edge (mobile, fixed, licensed and unlicensed spectrum) into an open media and service hub.

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Open Cellular

This group is developing rugged wireless access platforms and related technologies so carriers can cost-effectively provide reliable cellular phone and data service in remote, rural villages that lack telecom and electrical infrastructure.

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System Integration and Site Optimization

This group is addressing system integration requirements with innovative, cost-effective and efficient end-to-end solutions that serve rural and urban regions in optimal and profitable ways.

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Solution Integration

Our project group will develop an open RAN architecture by defining open interfaces between internal components and focusing on the lab activity with various companies for multi-vendor interoperability. The goal is to broaden the mobile…Learn More

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VRan Fronthaul

The project is pioneering a virtualized RAN (VRAN) solution comprised of low-cost remote radio units that can be managed and dynamically reconfigured by a centralized infrastructure over non-ideal transport.

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Open Optical Packet Transport

This group is defining a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) open packet transport architecture that triggers new innovation and prevents carriers being locked into a specific implementation.

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mmWave Networks

The mmWave Group is pioneering a 60GHz wireless networking system to deliver gigabits of capacity in dense, urban environments more quickly, easily and at a lower cost than deploying fiber. 

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People and Process

This group’s goal is helping carriers accelerate the deployment of new services by improving their software development methods and better organizing and running their infrastructure teams.

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Community Lab

TIP Community Labs is an integral component in the path to wide spread adoption that accelerates community-based innovation while incorporating data-driven results. The goal is to enable rapid real-world pilots leading to at-scale adoption of new infra solutions.

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Create a global, sustainable ecosystem that attracts the brightest entrepreneurial minds and innovative investors to work together to produce breakthrough technologies and products in the telecom infrastructure space.

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