Author: TIP News

TIP CL at CPqD announces the first test results from the trial with Cassini and DCSG in Brazil

CPqD has announced the results from their trial of the Telecom Infra Project’s Cassini and DCSG solutions in extended metro and long-haul scenarios.

The trial found that it was possible to achieve an optical coherent 100/200Gbps transmission over 2,000km without regeneration for long-haul scenarios using Padtec’s hybrid optical amplifier solution. In addition, the solution has been successfully tested for Extended metro (850 km).
The 100G and 200G DWDM channels are transported as alien wavelengths over a 3rd-party transport system, showcasing the flexibility of the equipment, both in metro and long-haul, and the disaggregation concept in action.

CPqD has been testing and validating open and disaggregated solutions such as DCSG, Cassini, and OpenRAN since opening the TIP Community Lab in Campinas, Brazil in 2018. Cassini and DCSG were presented by CPqD for the first time at Futurecom in 2019. Since then, CPqD, Padtec, EdgeCore, IPInfusion, Lumentum, and Viavi have been running comprehensive testing protocols for different use cases at the lab.

Cassini is an open packet and optical transponder that integrates 200GbE switching with Layer-1 optical transport functions as line-card modules, and covers data center interconnect, metro and access backhaul use cases. It is currently the industry’s highest capacity open-sourced whitebox packet transponder.

DCSG is a 1RU fully-featured cell site router with a wide range of Ethernet connectivity options for client and network sides. As a cell site gateway, DCSG supports Layer-2, Layer-3 and MPLS features – with native time synchronization protocols such as IEEE-1588 v2 and Synchronous Ethernet for the mobile base stations.

“Becoming a member of the TIP community was a rewarding experience for us”, says Argemiro Sousa, Padtec’s Business Director and acting CEO. “We are very happy with the results achieved by the joint effort of all the partners. This participation reinforces Padtec’s role as a high-tech company which invests heavily in R&D and contributes to the formation of an ecosystem in the area of optical systems,” he added. As part of the trial, Padtec supplied state-of-the-art DWDM OLS (Open Line System), including ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer), a combination of 200 Gbs and 1.2 Tbps transponders, compact Hybrid Optical Amplifiers (EDFA+RAMAN) and optical switches.

Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO, IP Infusion said: “IP Infusion is excited to have collaborated with TIP to demonstrate and prove how disaggregation delivers faster innovation and lowers TCO. In this successful trial, our OcNOS® network operating system, combined with Cassini and DCSG, proved once again that high capacity and new advanced services can be achieved with disaggregated solutions.”

Gustavo Correa, Technology Specialist, CPqD, commented: “With this trial, CPQD’s TIP Community Lab hopes to have fulfilled its role as a promoter of innovative technologies, such as the open and disaggregated solutions of the TIP OOPT, Cassini and DCSG project. In addition, we also contribute to the integration of technologies developed by CPQD itself over the years and transferred to the national industry, in this case to Padtec.”

The complete test report is available for download here.