by Attilio Zani, Executive Director, TIP

TIP welcomes the launch of the Open RAN Policy Coalition

May 5, 2020

Today marks the launch of the Open RAN Policy Coalition, an industry collective focused on promoting policies that will accelerate the development and adoption of open radio access network (OpenRAN) solutions to spur innovation and ultimately to create a more diverse supply chain of advanced wireless technologies, including 5G.

This new initiative, which is backed by a substantial number of TIP members, is not just another great example of the ways in which the industry is collaborating. It also shows the significant momentum and alignment within the industry that is building behind/towards the creation of a far more diverse ecosystem of telecom technologies.

The Coalition’s focus on ways policy can facilitate a more diverse marketplace of suppliers in the RAN space, complements TIP’s broader mission to accelerate the development and adoption of interoperable solutions across all the diverse technology elements that compose a telecom network, including RAN, as well as for use cases spanning indoor through urban and rural environments that are available to network operators around the world.

We believe that fully programmable RAN solutions based on general purpose vendor-neutral hardware and disaggregated software will give service providers more flexibility to extend and upgrade their networks. Such flexibility stems from a diverse OpenRAN ecosystem coupled with the enhanced efficiencies and innovation that software-driven development enables.

In February we updated the industry on the progress of our OpenRAN trials and deployments – which have been happening right across the world.

Open, disaggregated, standards-based solutions – that are developed in conjunction with network operators – will create opportunities for new entrants.

At TIP we are proud to be fostering the continued collaborative drive towards the systemic change in the way telecoms solutions are developed, built and deployed in an increasingly receptive marketplace.