Author: TIP News

The TIP OpenRAN Project Group has made significant progress in accelerating the development and deployment of OpenRAN solutions with field trials and commercial deployments underway in several markets around the world.

To continue driving the momentum behind OpenRAN, in June 2021, TIP published the ‘Open RAN Technical Priorities Document’a comprehensive list of technical requirements that the signatories of the Open RAN MoU Group (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, TIM and Vodafone) consider priorities for Open RAN architecture. The document serves as a central guide for the industry to foster a competitive Open RAN ecosystem, promoting openness and flexibility.

Building on the valuable work done by the Open RAN MoU Group and their ‘Open RAN Technical Priorities Document’, TIP has created a new document titled ‘OpenRAN Draft Release 2.0 Detailed Technical Requirements’ and is announcing that the comment period for project group participants is open. From July 26th, until September 20th 2021, OpenRAN Project Group participants are invited to provide feedback on the document to the OpenRAN Project Group. These responses will be utilized as the industry baseline to create a central roadmap and timeline for further requirements and new solutions. The roadmap will then be made available to Full and Associate Participants in the OpenRAN Project Group and the aggregated responses will be available for subgroups to develop their specific requirements and test plans in line with the overall release timeline.

By coalescing the industry, aligning prioritized requirements, harmonizing a central OpenRAN roadmap, progressing it through TIP’s Test & Validation framework, and showcasing the outcomes on TIP Exchange, TIP is driving the industry towards OpenRAN productization. This process avoids fragmentation, with the ultimate goal of helping accelerate the development and deployment of standards-based, open and disaggregated solutions for actual OpenRAN use cases.

To participate in the review and future developments of the requirements roadmap, join TIP and the OpenRAN Project Group on our website here.