by TIP News

The Rising Demand for Connectivity – Telecom Infra Project Infographic

Aug 24, 2020

​Connectivity is transforming our world and how we live; it is the driving force behind smarter urban management, rural development, and new opportunities for enterprise. COVID-19 has highlighted how increasingly dependent we are on connectivity, and how access to the internet can provide much-needed continuity for business, education, public services, and social links.

It is widely acknowledged that an improvement in connectivity can have a very significant impact on countries GDPs. But, as the telecommunications ecosystem seeks to provide this vital internet connection and support growing demand, it faces three systemic issues:

  1. Connecting a significant fraction of the population that remain unconnected is not economically feasible with current technologies.
  2. The business case for increasing capacity for those that are connected is increasingly challenging with the current technologies.
  3. There is limited innovation and choice in the current network infrastructure supply chain.

Open, disaggregated networks address the challenges by providing network operators more choice and flexibility to improve networks at a pace that keeps up with rising demand

TIP helps the industry build commercially feasible open, disaggregated networks, by aligning services providers, technology suppliers, system integrators and other connectivity stakeholders to work together and achieve the required scale for success. Our growing community is already designing, building, and bringing to market a portfolio of disaggregated solutions that improve flexibility and drive down the costs of building telecom infrastructure.

We have created an infographic to demonstrate these industry challenges and the benefits the TIP community delivers. Download the infographic here.