by Axel Clauberg, Deutsche Telekom, TIP Chairman

Telecom Infra Project & Deutsche Telekom

Any prediction remains difficult, especially if it is about the future. But, predicting that Internet traffic will continue to grow exponentially seems to be a safe bet. We at Deutsche Telekom are committed to deliver the Best Network to our customers. In order to meet customer and investor expectations with the traffic demands of the future, network operators need to act — the old way of building networks will hardly scale for the future.

In my view, this situation is quite similar to the situation the hyperscale datacenter operators were in a couple of years ago. The Open Compute Project brought fresh ideas into this market and led to a much better scalability and efficiency within the datacenter domain. OCP is following the Open Source concept, successfully applying it to the hardware world. With the Cloudification of our Network Functions, OCP recently became very relevant for TelCo operators — this resulted in the joint announcement on Jan 27, 2016.

But, the Telco world is much bigger than datacenters — just to mention service production, IP Core, Aggregation, Fixed and Mobile Access, and sure home networking. We strongly believe that TIP can do to those areas what OCP did to the datacenter. Community-driven open specifications will lead to disruptive innovation across all network areas.

Within TIP, our team from Deutsche Telekom will initially focus on IP-based access, aggregation, IP and Optical integration — also bringing in some related work we are driving, for example, on home networking.