TEAC – TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers

TEACs are a global, sustainable ecosystem that attracts the brightest entrepreneurial minds and innovative investors to work together to produce breakthrough technologies that reimagine telecom infrastructure. By bringing together the key actors – established operators, cutting-edge startups, and global & local investors – TEACs establish the necessary foundation to foster collaboration, accelerate trials, and bring deployable infrastructure solutions to the telecom industry.

In partnership with TIP, several of the world’s largest Telecom Service Providers are hosting TEACs in the UK, Paris, Seoul and Germany.

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TEAC Locations

TEAC Germany (DT)
TEAC Paris (Orange)
TEAC Seoul (SK Telecom)

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TEAC Startups

As part of the accelerator program, select startups will collaborate with their host operator, network with leading experts from the TIP community, and have privileged access to venture funds engaged with TEAC.


KETS Quantum Security Ltdbased in Bristol, UK, is on a mission to secure communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed hardware solutions. The company has developed the world’s first integrated quantum secured encryption technologies – from quantum random number generators to full quantum key distribution devices. Meeting challenging size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements its solution will boost security in applications including defense, telecoms, and critical infrastructure; with end-users from finance to governments and data centers.

Founders: Philip Sibson, Jake Kennard, Mark Thompson, Chris Erven
Founded: 2016
TEAC location: UK

Zeetta Networks is a world leader in Open Networking technologies, with pioneering solutions based on Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualisation. Its vision is to allow enterprises, cities and network operators to scale up the capabilities of their network, and satisfy the demand for data without escalating CAPEX and OPEX costs. Put simply, to make the most out of their network capability through use of its NetOS® software. Zeetta Networks transforms your network into an interactive programmable platform for better control, improved efficiency, enhanced performance and better cost controls of your existing infrastructure.

Founders: Dr Vassilis Seferidis, Dimitra Simeonidou, Dr Reza Nejabati, Mayur Channegowda, Dr Shuping Peng, Tasos Vlachogiannis
Founded: 2015
TEAC location: UK

Unmanned Life based in San Francisco and London offers autonomous drone fleet platform technology for a variety of outdoor and indoor scenarios like cost and time efficient network coverage for remote locations/emergencies, industrial automation and on-demand infrastructure inspections.

Founders: Kumardev Chatterjee, Nicholas Zylberglajt
Founded: 2015
TEAC location: UK

TEAC Germany

Airrays is the leading independent massive MIMO radio company addressing the 4G and upcoming 5G mobile network infrastructure market. Our large scale active antennas provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to address the growing demand for wireless capacity for the Gigabit Society. With our partners, we deliver radio products specifically designed to meet mobile operators’ 5G-requirements and performance targets. Airrays’ core team of seasoned experts brings together all the relevant expertise for high-end radio design, manufacturing and test as well as network integration.

Founders: Volker Aue, Peter Meyer, Wolfram Drescher, Albrecht Fehske, Michael Grieger, Jan Dohl
Founded: 2013

TEAC location: Germany

BISDN is a team of international SDN and NFV experts based in Berlin. The company is self-funded and has been profitable since its inception in 2012. Our NFV-based telco-related activities comprise of various demonstrators, PoCs, lab and field trials. In 2017, BISDN focused on developing the core product Basebox, which consists of a co-called whitebox switch operating system and a set of SDN controllers. Those controllers move the LINUX packet processing pipeline to remote switches.Founders: Hagen Woesner, Andreas Köpsel, Daniel Fritzsche, Tobias Jungel, Carola Klessen
Founded: 2012
TEAC location: Germany

Pharrowtech provides next-generation solutions for fixed-wireless access, wireless VR/AR and ultra-high capacity wireless links. Spun out of imec in 2018, it builds on more than 12 years of top-notch R&D in algorithm, chip and antenna design for millimeter-wave systems. Leveraging this deep technical expertise, its founding team now builds products with best-in-class performance, power and cost features.Founders: Guerric De Streel, Qixian Shi, Khaled Khalaf, Wim Van Thillo
Founded: 2018
TEAC location: Germany

TEAC Paris

Adipsys is a software editor of the Hotspot Manager (HM) solution. HM is a multi-business and multi-tenant solution dedicated to business integrators and operators. It is a cloud based solution designed to control and monetize WiFi infrastructure. HM controls and manages multiple WiFi hotspots and doesn’t need any dedicated access controller. The Hotspot platform features rich & advanced functionalities, including multi-tenant capacity, business zone management, various authentication modes, responsive captive portals, rich dashboards, analytics, reports, ad servers, url filtering, and more. HM is not only a multi-faceted solution platform, it is also a powerful solution to upsell visitors and reinforce “on site” communication.

Founder: François Bourdais
Founded: 2007
TEAC location: Paris

Amarisoft is a software company created in 2012. As an expert in mobile telecommunication (4G and above), it develops, licenses and supports a comprehensive LTE software suite including a base station, an evolved packet core and a phone software stack. Its technology is unique in the world and revolutionary, as everything operates on generic PC hardware. Amarisoft is the centre of a community of partners and integrators, aimed at creating a new generation of telecom equipment manufacturers which are more open, nimble, accessible and affordable. 4G, v-RAN, future 5G and NB-IoT are the growth engines for its revenues, 90% of which come from international customers.Founders: Fabrice Bellard, Frank Spinelli
Founded: 2012
TEAC location: Paris

Athonet has developed a mobile edge core network software that is a critical enabler for CSPs and enterprises to address vast new markets such as the Industrial Internet, Public Safety, Connected and Autonomous Cars, Smart Grids and Cities, Connected Hospitals as well as bridging the Digital Divide. Since winning the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in 2016, Athonet’s software has been deployed for some of the first CBRS trial networks in North America, first LTE Smartgrid, Industrial IoT and 5G Autonomous Car networks in Europe & Australasia and first LTE Networks in Africa.
Founders: Karim El Malki, Gianluca Verin
Founded: 2005
TEAC location: Paris

Horizon Computing develops equipment dedicated to the world of data centers and telecoms operating under Open Hardware licenses with free software that is gradually enriched. Its services allow its customers’ infrastructure to be broken down into its component parts and manage its life cycle, giving them greater independence from their suppliers. The Horizon Computing business model is mainly based on services contracts, consulting, validation and production start-up, and on operational maintenance of Open Hardware equipment.

Founders: Jean-Marie Verdun
Founded: 2016 (Horizon is a US subsidiary of Splitted-Desktop Systems, which was created in 2006)
TEAC location: Paris

TEAC Seoul

KulCloud, (South Korea) is ushering the white box and Linux networking revolution into the 5G arena by developing an open network disaggregation platform delivered with SDN & DevOps. KulCloud thrives to build technology that meets stringent 5G network requirements of network slicing, time sync, low latency & QoS (Quality of Service) while providing operators with unrivaled service agility, time to market and cost-effectiveness. Founded in 2011, KulCloud has been at the forefront of commercialization of SDN/whitebox driven network disaggregation technology in various niche areas.

Founders: Chris Park, Dipjyoti Saikia, Kevin Kong
Founded: 2011
TEAC location: Seoul

Optella, established in 2015 by a group of senior researchers from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), is an innovative tech firm headquartered in California with an R&D center in Korea. Based on its strength in silicon optical bench (SiOB) based single-mode photonics and electronics integrated technology, Optella plans to concentrate on developing a cost-effective and low-power 5G wireless optical network solution to maximize transmission efficiency for massive data.
Founder: Sangsoo Lee
Founded: 2015
TEAC location: Seoul

Transcelestial, a Singapore-based startup, is developing a laser communication solution to replace existing wireless communication technology. The aim is to develop a constellation of nano satellites which uses lasers to transfer and relay data for ground, satellite and deep space applications. This will be the fastest (up to 100 Gbps), long-distance, point-to-point wireless communication network possible. Working with the TEAC in Seoul, Transcelestial will prepare for a demonstration of wireless backhaul for a small cell device in a master slave outdoor urban setup to prove the reliability and superiority of its FSO (Free Space Optics) solution. This solution is expected to be pivotal in building a cost-effective and robust 5G infrastructure.
Founders: Rohit Jha, Mohammad Danesh
Founded: 2016
TEAC location: Seoul

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