by Attilio Zani, Executive Director, TIP

SK Telekom and Deutsche Telekom Select 10 Start Ups to Join TIP’s Ecosystem Accelerator Centers (TEAC)

Oct 16, 2020

The telecoms world took another step towards a more open ecosystem last week when SK Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, and hubraum welcomed 10 new startups into TIP’s Ecosystem Accelerator Centers during a joint German and Korea TEAC launch event on 8 October.

The cohorts will join two established centers, one in partnership with SK Telecom in Seoul, South Korea, and the other in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and hubraum in Berlin, Germany. They will each receive business and technical mentoring, opportunities for lab and field trials where appropriate with the aim of commercial Proof of Concepts.

The 10 start-ups are:

  • Dabeeo: AI powered indoor positioning system which uses vision data produced through smart phone cameras to create interactive maps, used for gaming, marketing and logistics.
  • Neubility: Developer of vision-based localization and path planning technologies for last mile delivery robots.
  • Seadronix: A computer vision-based ship parking monitoring solution which provides an AI-based berthing monitoring system. Through producing around-view images, distance and speed between the ship and the port to pilot or captain it assists ship parking.
  • 39degC: A mobile multi-camera live streaming app. It directly connects multiple smartphone feeds to each other using a technology called WiFi-Direct – turning them into a TV studio.
  • Kiswe: A supplier of entertainment broadcast technology. Its main product CloudCast. is a “Broadcast Studio in the Cloud” which enables partners to easily send a digital feed into the cloud to produce live and non-live content. Its other product, Hangtime , allows remote audiences to experience live events ‘together’ through creating a digital stadium with chat rooms, and control over viewing angles from within the platform.
  • Swim AI: An Open core, enterprise-grade platform for building, managing and operating continuous intelligence applications at scale.
  • ng voice: A fully cloud-native and standard-compliant IMS core enabling voice on any 4G, 5G or other data-only networks.
  • edgeinfra: Micro datacenters at the ultra local edge of fixed and mobile network infrastructure in Europe
  • shoelace wireless: An android app that speeds up mobile Internet by combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks
  • A Hyper Open cloud provider offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and global IPv6 (SDN).

Senior leaders from SK Telekom and Deutsche Telekom spoke at the launch event.

Yoon Kim CTO of SK Telecom gave a keynote speech on the significance of innovation, and welcomed the startups to the program. He called 5G an information superhighway for AI, saying, “The fine line between digital and real world is blurred – and it’s going to accelerate even more. It’s an awesome opportunity for those that ride the 5G and MEC wave.”

Continuing the theme, Dr Alex Choi, SVP Research and Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, spoke about what could be achieved with the best partners from around the world, and invited all startups on the TEAC program to use the new OpenTest and Integration Lab facility, a collaboration between TIP and the ORAN alliance.

The attendees also heard from TEAC Alumnus, Rohit Jha. As CEO of Transcelestial, one of TEACs most successful startups to date, Jha spoke of the importance of speed, and how the program supported him and his company to achieve, saying: “The journey of innovation is a Journey of time optimization. It’s about how quickly all parties can become involved in the process to get to a better outcome – for both startups and telcos.”

Marina Traversari, TEAC Global Program Lead hosted the event, and Attilio Zani, Executive Director, spoke of TIP’s ambition to achieve disaggregation, interoperability and interchangeability at the component level in order to realize the progress needed to enhance networks. Through a more open network architecture that is receptive to innovation, start-ups are better able to innovate and leverage network resources to deliver a better customer experience – with TEAC an important platform to support this.

Peter Ha, Executive Vice President at SK Telecom, spoke of B2C data and voice, ecommerce, media streaming and the new ground of 5G as ‘unknown territories’ that offer opportunities for those who have a unique approach to technology challenges such as MEC.

Omar Tazi, SVP Group Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, talked about the importance of scale and collaboration, saying that: “Innovation without scale is pointless, there is no way to make meaningful impact without scale.” and that he “looks for more opportunities to work together between SKT and DT.” He added that “TEAC brings the right expertise and resources together to develop and foster scalable applications. It’s about opening our infrastructure and resources to startups.”

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