Co-chaired by Hans-Juergen Schmidtke Facebook
Co-chaired by Ihab Tarazi Equinix

Open Optical Packet Transport

This project group will define Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) open packet transport architecture that triggers new innovation and avoids implementation lock-ins. Open DWDM systems include open line system & control, transponder & network management and packet-switch and router technologies. Facebook has worked with partners to test Voyager, a networking solution for Open Packet DWDM networks — and what Facebook believes is the industry’s first “white box” transponder and routing solution.

Participants: Hans-Juergen Schmidtke, Facebook, Ihab Terazi, Equinix, Brian Protiva, ADVA Optical Networking, Uwe Fischer, Coriant, Navindran Naidoo, MTN

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