The goal of the

Open Box Microwave

Project Group is to define and build the next generation of modular wireless backhaul systems for 3G/4G and upcoming 5G networks.

The goal of the Open Box Microwave Project Group is to create an ecosystem of wireless backhaul to help overcome traditional delays in deployments and meet critical time to market requirements with effective use of resources.

As part of this goal, Open Box Microwave will work toward providing improvements to overall system performance with reliability and proactive capacity adjustments. The Open Box Microwave solution would address ease of site configuration and turn up by reducing configuration overlap.

Join the Open Box Microwave Project Group to collaborate with Operators, Infrastructure Providers, Academic Institutions, and Integrators in conceiving new ways of building, testing and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

Group structure


Norman Yeoh



Farhan Siddiqui


Key partners

Deutsche Telekom



TIM Brasil

Aviat Networks



SIAE Microelettronica


  • Field upgradable modular frequency agile backhaul hardware, two to four channel system.
  • White box approach to support interoperability, allowing TIP Project Group-specified hardware from different sources to work with software from different sources
  • Wireless backhaul system processing at the system level, instead of the individual link level.
  • Router (Optical-DCSG) and wireless backhaul (Open Box Microwave) combined under one platform to create a unified transport solution


  • Architecture and design requirements for Multi Core dual band one box radio hardware with the recommendations of supported software specifications.
  • Validity of use case for two to four channel requirements using two different frequency bands from TCO and business perspective.
  • Inter-opt between hardware and software coming from different sources.
  • Specification of Unified Transport box to combine microwave and router functionality to meet seamless transmission based on wireless conditions and traffic requirements.

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