by TIP News

New! TIP Engineering Icon Toolbox

Aug 13, 2020


The telecom industry is highly technical and is becoming increasingly complex. At TIP, we strongly believe in the importance of sharing information and explaining technical concepts in a clear and visually focused manner to make them translatable to all audiences. We are creating materials to bring clarity to all the work our community is doing at TIP, but we also want to share resources that will benefit the whole industry.

We are excited to share our new TIP Engineering Icon Toolbox with the community. This comprehensive library of graphics houses beautiful telecom engineering icons to easily articulate technical concepts, creating clear and attractive diagrams for your audiences. The TIP Icons Toolbox comes complete with best practice tips and content examples to guide and inspire you along the way.



To access this toolkit, visit our TIP brand & media resources webpage, scroll down to the TIP Engineering Icon Toolbox, and click “Download Now.” The file is fully editable, so you can copy and paste the icons from the slide deck to create your own diagrams. Anyone is free to use these icons, but please view the guidelines and best practice examples throughout the deck before using them, and attribute any icon usage to “Icons: Copyright © 2020 Telecom Infra Project, Inc. and used with permission. Unauthorized use is prohibited.” Enjoy!