by Lynn Comp – Director of Market Development, Intel

Intel: Bringing the network to everyone, everywhere with TIP

When I was young and imagined what the future would be like, it was almost impossible to think that one day we’d be carrying around the knowledge of the universe in our pockets. And the Internet itself? Unfathomable. But here we are in 2016, talking not only about the latest smartphones, but also about the Internet of Things and 5G – a revolution in networking that will change the way we connect with one another, provide new insights through connected devices, and offer new experiences such as autonomous vehicles and rich 3D augmented experiences.

We’re lucky to have access to such amazing technology and connectivity, but there is so much of the world that is barely or not at all connected. Imagine the difference in the lives of individuals around the world through expanded delivery of telemedicine; or automated controls that can remotely unlock water wells in far flung areas. Connecting the billions of unconnected is a big vision, one that can’t be undertaken by just one company which is why we’re excited to be participating in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). TIP is a collaborative initiative with members that include Facebook, Intel, and Nokia along with network operators such as Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom, E2E and Globe. TIP is an initiative open to the entire telecommunications industry and we’re encouraging everyone, including TEMs, OEMs, systems integrators, software developers and additional network operators to join the effort and contribute to the various project groups, building pilots, and accelerating solution deployment. 

What does TIP hope to achieve? Our goal is to accelerate sustainable growth of telecommunications infrastructure in underserved areas by bringing the industry together to reimagine how we build new networking solutions. This will enable solutions optimized for remote and urban areas that can reach more people than ever before, laying the path to future network transformations.

Consistent with Intel’s efforts to bring the community together to collaboratively solve challenging problems, we will be providing technical leadership and contributing open, scalable NFV and SDN platform reference designs based on standard server technology and open software interfaces. Beyond that we will contribute to TIP’s project groups, including those focused on access, backhaul, core infrastructure and management. To start, we will provide a reference design for a modular access point based on Intel Architecture, as well as a Mobile Edge Computing reference design kit with open software interfaces.

I’m excited about Intel’s role in creating a more connected world, and about assembling an innovative, creative group of people through TIP to see what’s truly possible for the network of the future. Through the increased efficiency and scalability that will be made possible by TIP, we can reach and improve the lives of people across the globe, bringing everyone into the connected family.