by TIP News

Globe Telecom: Driving global connectivity through innovation

Posted on February 22, 2016

As part of its commitment to help build a digital nation and a digital world, Globe Telecom has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a global initiative formed to create new technologies and approaches in support of accelerating the growth of high-quality, scalable, and affordable telecommunications infrastructure by driving innovation and collaboration in the industry.

Joining the global movement towards connecting billions of people around the world is a milestone for Globe. To date, there are still a great number of Filipinos who do not have access to basic mobile services due to geographically isolated areas or economic conditions of the community. Through TIP, Globe will have the opportunity to reach these people and provide connectivity to improve education, basic social services, health, and disaster and emergency response. We are proud to be among the leading operators of this global initiative and to work together to learn new approaches to support the surge in demand for data and connect more Filipinos.

In addition, in collaboration with Facebook, Globe recently launched an initiative that aims to connect millions of Filipinos based in far-flung and geographically-isolated areas with no cellular coverage. We are currently testing the technology and approach through a pilot deployment, and we are optimistic that we can replicate this initiative across thousands of communities nationwide in our future roll-outs. The learnings from the TIP ecosystem will definitely add value to our network deployments in the coming years as we provide basic connectivity services to each and every Filipino.

Globe Telecom’s investment in network infrastructure is considered as one of the highest in Asia. In 2011, Globe embarked on a $700 million network modernization program that provided among others the adoption of latest telecommunication technologies for seamless customer experience and increased data capacities. The modernization initiative, completed in 2014, delivered the most advanced network infrastructure in the country, putting in a brand new access, transport, and core network nationwide. As part of the initiative, the company also completed a nationwide rollout of 4G network, using the HSPA+ technology. Since 2011, Globe has invested over $2.2 billion in its network and IT infrastructure to enhance the telecommunication provider’s data network capacities.

We, together with Facebook and other leading global operators worldwide, are committed to exploring new technologies and approaches that will impact mobile users of today and the future.