Co-chaired by Andy Corston-Petrie


Co-chaired by Marie-Paule Odini


End-to-End Network Slicing (E2E-NS)

Operators are eager to take advantage of the tremendous flexibility network slicing could give them to quickly and easily address the specific requirements of Massive IoT, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other 5G-enabled applications through the creation of multiple logical networks that share the same physical infrastructure.

This project will identify E2E use cases that can be researched, developed and demonstrated to help operators overcome many of the key challenges of employing network slicing to support their 5G services.

The E2E Network Slicing Project Group will take full advantage of TIP’s large, diverse and growing membership to involve different key players, including: telecom operators, equipment vendors, orchestration suppliers, application providers, network integrators and technologists.

Further, the project group will build on its identified use cases to drive opportunities for trial and deployment at scale, to benefit operators in real-world scenarios.

PATENT LICENSING: RAND as set forth in Section 5.2.1 of the Telecom Infra Project IPR Policy.