Co-chaired by JangYoon "Johnny" Kim

Deutsche Telekom AG

Co-chaired by Valerie Parker


Edge Application Developer


The purpose of the Edge Application Developer Project Group is to develop open APIs and SDKs that make it easy for developers to build the next generation of mobile applications on operators edge infrastructure.

Problem Statement

The Project Group will attempt to find solutions to the following problems faced by Developers, End-Users, and Operators:

  • Developer view: A new class of pervasive and immersive applications are emerging, a growing number of which will require native mobility, high compute and high bandwidth. The current class of devices are power, form-factor, compute and cost constrained and need operator-independent edge resources based on their identity and location to offer reliable offload to be successful.
  • End-User view: End users want more natural interface- based applications and are becoming more conscious of privacy and security which is being reflected in both user behavior as well as government-led policy decisions (e.g. GDPR). They would like to benefit from edge offload that they can trust.
  • Operator view: Operators are in the midst of several transformation programs (e.g. 5G, NFV/ SDN) which involve building up and deploying computing clusters in their network. Many of these resources are underutilized and would provide better ROI if they could be monetized with edge offload use cases.


Edge Application Developer Project Group will focus on the following areas:

  • Enabling telecom operators (and extending to others) to discover, inventory and make available infrastructure assets (including but not limited to compute infrastructure, network APIs for identity, location etc) to be consumed by 3rd party application developers
  • Developing capabilities, APIs and SDKs to allow application developers to easily consume cellular APIs to develop and deploy, test and trial applications which are deployed at the network edge
  • Providing a testing/proving environment which makes use of facilities such as the TIP Community Labs to test such applications within a “host” network provided by a sponsoring telecom operator


This Project Group will work toward the following deliverables:

  • Developer-friendly, operator-agnostic APIs and SDKs allowing developers to easily access a set of network operator assets including (but not limited to) identity, location, network topology, and cloudlets (edge infrastructure at a given location).
  • A reference architecture and framework for an operator edge infrastructure deployment based on OpenStack, which will support a broad set of known edge-enabled applications. This will be achieved by working with other communities and vendors.
  • A reference deployment of an “Edge-in-a-box,” which will be hosted in the TIP Community Labs with all relevant interfaces made available to developers.
  • A development and deployment environment where a developer can deploy a containerized application which then runs on a cloudlet meeting a set of requirements.
  • Hosting and maintaining a collaboration portal holding documentation and guidelines for contributors including software developers, OEM, integrators and operators.

Royalty-free License Option, as set forth in Section 5.2.2 of the Telecom Infra Project IPR Policy.

Full Release of Copyright into the public domain, Each Project Group Contributor agrees to release its Contributions to the public domain (under Apache 2.0) and waive all copyrights associated with them.