by Emre Tepedelenlioglu

Developing data-driven tools to improve network deployments

At TIP Summit 2017 in November, our community discussed various ways to use data and mapping technologies to make better decisions about where to deploy networks. This included a keynote discussion on Population and Coverage Estimates for Rural Deployment Business Cases by Cesar Hernandez Perez of Telefonica and a panel discussion with participants from Deloitte, Facebook, Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) Project, Telefonica, USAID, and the World Bank, focused on Mapping for the Under and Unconnected.

TIP Summit 2017 - Cesar Hernandez Perez

In his keynote address, Cesar Hernandez Perez, Manager of Strategic Projects & Investments at Telefonica Global Innovation, discussed how Telefonica and Facebook partnered to develop data-driven tools to inform rural deployment decisions in Latin America, where it’s estimated that 20 to 30 percent of the population is unconnected. Today Telefonica and Facebook are releasing a white paper on their joint collaboration.

For more information, please see a link to the white paper below, in addition to videos of the relevant sessions on mapping and data from TIP Summit.

White paper

Finding the Unconnected Population: The First Step Towards Addressing Rural Connectivity here

TIP Summit 2017 videos

Population and Coverage Estimates for Rural Deployment Business Cases

Cesar Hernandez Perez, Manager, Strategic Projects & Investments, Telefonica Global Innovation


Mapping for the under and unconnected

Participants: Subbu Subramanian, Facebook (Moderator); Cesar Hernandez Perez, Telefonica Global Innovation; John Garrity, USAID; Rahul Bajpai, Deloitte Consulting; Anat Lewin, World Bank; Troy Etulain, Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) Project.